Don’t look at the passing fox, only look when it’s passed! The FOX Card Holder will wink at every opening! The nowa card holder is ultra thin, tear-proof and designed to take up a minimum of space. Its opening system allows your cards to be lifted for easy access. Its “press lock” closure, a technology developed by Velcro, combines the advantages of pressure and velcro, making the latter indestructible. Finally, a specific space at the rear has been provided for the storage of a map for daily use. Made of Tyvek.

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The nowa move is a card holder that can hold 4 to 8 cards, 6 in the main pocket and 1 or 2 in the back pocket. It is also possible to slip in tickets, business cards or tickets. Lifetime: 2 to 4 years, and must be recycled!

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